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Managing tasks easily over the phone and making work smooth for everyone



Taskia is a project management tool that will helps companies, teams, and individuals to manage their projects and complete them on time. It allows users to manage the project along with doing video conferences, making teams, set deadlines with countdowns. This is really a great initial idea for this app.

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Project Overview

Project Type

Case Study


6 Weeks


UX Research, Writing, Design Strategy, UI Design


Adobe XD, Illustrator

Project Overview

Designing Taskia was a big challenge. I was started my career as a full-time freelancer and I was looking for a mobile app that will give me the feeling that I have control of my all project on one device. I used some good project management tools web version and mobile version also. But I feel the mobile version can be more effective and detailed. I was thinking to research and design an app as I want and after doing Freelancing and Job for a couple of years I found the chance to give the shape of my idea.



Taskia was not described in detail. It was really hard to make all points perfectly. But I did it, after working a few weeks so hard I found some design challenges and also problems where I can work and make this app happen. I downloaded the best project management mobile app and start doing research. I found some important points where I focused more and tried to make a people-friendly app not the only user. Anyone can easily use this app if they don’t have previous experience using any project management tool.



Making the hand notes and listing the features was my first process in starting this app design. In Taskia I follow some steps to complete the project one time with good output.

Idea Generation

In this step, I took notes on paper and listed the features which I wanted to add to this app.


Started researching, Compared exciting apps and tools, and talked with users about more room.


In the 3rd stage, I started developing my idea visual. I started with making a design system and end with the prototype.


Now, here I am ready to deliver the app for testing or development.

Key Research

Researching is the most important thing for any product. Without good research, I was unable to get the right ideas that I can apply to make this app. This is the reason I focused on researching and I did this in 2 parts.

Results of key research

  • Need an app that will offer people to use in a very easy way without asking for long details.
  • Something related to the people not for users only. I believe everyone in this world is not the same so we need an app that will relate to everyone not only users.
  • Need some important features to be added to make assignee or employer life easy and fast.
  • Checking deadlines and following them is really important. Indeed to implement this function as well.
  • After comparing other apps and using them for a long time many users want to have some features where they can add their points and do any customization.

Main Task Flow

  • Information Architecture

  • User Flow

  • Wireframing

  • Visual Design

  • Prototype (Test)

  • Deliver

My Work Process

After research, I do start generating my ideas. When I start researching whiteboard, marker, paper, and pencil I do use to take notes quickly. Doing brainstorming and keeping notes helps me huge.

User Persona

After conducting my research and user interview, I was able to create a primary user persona that helps me to relate to my goal. Based on interviews and research, I was able to find out the pinpoint and the goal with a huge motivation to resolve the issues and do something for the people.

Awsaf Anam

CTO of TransMedia

Age 33

  • Want to set up a deadline and rate
  • Quick interaction or sharing details to make the project faster
  • Update task feature, if possible in every step
  • Keeping screenshots and time tracking option
  • Getting tasks done on time
  • Want to pay a fear fee for every task
  • Using one brief for multiple projects
  • Keep motivating his team to deliver tasks on time
Awsaf Anam Chowdhury

CTO of TransMedia

Age 33

  • Make details brief with attachments
  • Fast editing option with the feature of calling
  • Video sharing, voice clip or, screenshot option over phone and desktop
  • A good hourly tracking option to do outsourced easily
  • Want to work effectively
  • Comparing reports weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Cost management option and calculation option
  • Identifying all activities and using them for improving the team
Mat Gargano

Founder & CEO of StatenWeb

Age 42

UX Design

User Experience design and analysis is the most important thing at this point. I tried to define everything clearly.

Design Thinking Process

UI Design

After completing my UX research and writing I followed a few more steps and then I started my UI design process. Making a Design system was my first step to do the UI design.

Visual Design and Prototype

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Basic Analysis
UX Research

(User, Competitors)

Problem Statement

(User Persona)

Pitch Presentation
UI Design
Prototype and Test

Ideation Sketches

After completing my idea, user interview, and other research I started doing back sketches with paper and pen to define the idea in detail and compare them. These are my 2nd step of work to deep drive in this project. I wrote the points where I really indeed to work and extra focus.

Concept Sketches


This is another step in making this project real. After making the paper sketch, I was able to refine the sketches a bit more by translating 6em into wireframes on Adobe XD. This helps me to understand better and feel how the app would look. Actually, It was a great step where I was able to focus more and doing adjustments and be more details in regards to how the app will look.

Design System and Components










H1 - Headline

H2 - Headline

H3 - Headline

H4 - Headline


H1 - Headline

H2 - Headline

H3 - Headline

H4 - Headline


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High-Fidelity Design